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GKS was born in Sirajgong district which is one of vulnerable area in the country. Srajgong is covered by the Jamuna river and big historical wet land Chalanbeel. Vulnerability is increasing due to the river erosion and flood. Khandokar Selim Jahangir has taken an initiative to serve the vulnerable people by establishing Gono Kalyan Sangstha GKS in 1985.

The organization obtained registration from NGO Affairs Bureau in 1990, from the Department of Social Service in 1986 and from the Micro Credit Regularity Authority 2008.

GKS started field operations in 1986 with its own resources and now implements different types of development projects/program according to the needs ...
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Gono Kalyan Sangstha-GKS has a long history of addressing the problems of disadvantaged and vulnerable people. This includes the Chalanbeel and char dwellers of the river Jamuna, which are disaster prone areas in the northern part of Bangladesh. GKS has over 26 years working experience in the development ield.
GKS implements activities under the four strategic areas:
Our mission:
GKS is committed to ensuring basic needs, i.e. foods, clothes, education, health, shelter, and recreational facilities for the hardcore poor and disadvantaged people.

GKS’ priority is to work with the ethnic community, Char and Chalanbeel dwellers and other vulnerable geographic areas.

GKS is also committed to building the capacities of the people of Bangladesh so that they can survive in globally competitive fields.
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